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Volume 17, Issue 2 and 3, July 2007 and November 2007

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Dear Friends,

Well, at long last, here is DOUTT DIALOGUES. This is a double issue, both July 2007 and November 2007, so technically I am caught up until next year. I hope you enjoy it.

Please remember to send me family information, clippings, and photographs. You can send them to the address on the cover of this newsletter or else by e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you.


Table of Contents

The Daughters of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler 3

Leah Ann Doutt and Aaron Elliger Neely 6

Census Records for this family 7

The Genealogists Psalm 11

Vital Records 13

Happy 80th Birthday 14

Papers of Edward J. Doutt 16

Various Items Sent by Louis Doutt 17

Marvin and Marjorie Doutt; A Pictorial Record of their Lives 20

Photo Album 24

Aaron Doutt in Iraq 24

Current News 25

A Graduation 26

Births 26

I Need Your Help 27

Obituaries 28


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The Daughters of

Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler

Left to right:

Nancy E. Hosey, Della E. Flick, Mary Catherine Rausch,
Leah Ann Neely, Sarah M. McKinney,

and Margaret E. Kodel Thompson

This is a great picture, and one that I had not seen before. They are the daughters of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler. I don't have a date for the picture. However, since they are all dressed in black, it may have been taken at a funeral. Their sister Laura Frances Doutt Benton died 12 July 1899, so that is possibly the date. Their mother passed away 2 December 1911, so that is another possibility. To refresh our minds, I am including the data about the family of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler, on the next page.

I am including photos of some of Ephraim and Emeline's children. I probably have printed some of them earlier, but I like to collect info and pictures together.

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Ephraim Theodore Doutt b: 22 Dec 1933 d: 9 May 1882 m:10 Jan 1855 Emeline Butler

Emeline Butler b: 23 Nov 1838 d: 2 Dec 1911 m1: 10 Jan 1855 Ephraim Theodore Doutt, m2: 4 Feb 1890 David Wilson

Their children are:

  1. Nancy Elizabeth Doutt b: 11 Apr 1856 d: 28 Apr 1922 m: 13 Apr 1876 John Homer Hosey

  2. Emily Jane Doutt b: 25 Oct 1857 d: before 1860

  3. Sarah Minerva Doutt b: 21 Mar 1860 d: 1 Sep 1925 m: 23 Oct 1877 Samuel L. McKinney

  4. Absalom Anderson Doutt b: 20 Mar 1861 d: 5 Dec 1924 m: Maria Elizabeth Stewart

  5. Della Elvira Doutt b: 14 Sep 1863 d: 12 Apr 1954 m: 30 Jul 1884 Reuben E. Flick m2: 2 Feb 1934 John T. Mottley

  6. Joseph Grant Doutt b: 30 Mar 1865 d: 28 May 1951 m: 17 Mar 1884 Carrie Ann Millen

  7. Leah Ann Doutt b: 16 Apr 1867 d: 16 Jan 1964 m: Aaron Ellinger Neely

  8. Margaret Clarisa Doutt b: 16 Jan 1869 d: 30 Jul 1938 m1: 27 Dec 1888 Henry Koedel, m2: Melvin H. Thompson

  9. Martha Matilda Doutt b: 6 Feb 1871 d: 1890

  10. Laura Frances Doutt b: 7 Dec 1872 d: 12 Jul 1899 m: 9 Sep 1890 Isaac Newton Benton

  11. Mary Catherine Doutt b: 17 Apr 1875 d: 23 Mar 1967 m: George Rausch

  12. John Clinton Doutt b: 30 Apr 1877 d: 1 Mar 1941 m: 11 Aug 1899 Nellie Mae Gorton

  13. William E. Doutt b: 24 Sep 1879 d: 9 Jun 1962 m: 26 Aug 1899 Elizabeth Anna Fluman

  14. Ephraim Theodore Doutt b: 26 Jun 1882 d: 16 Apr 1953 m: Marie Sanford

Left to right: Nannie Hosey and her husband John Homer Hosey, Carrie Ann Millen and her husband Joseph Grant Doutt

Nancy Doutt Hosey

Photo above:

Back: Joseph Grant Doutt and William E. Doutt.

Front: Sarah Doutt McKinney and Della Doutt Flick

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Page 4







Joseph Grant Doutt and

William E. Doutt

Photo above:

Back: Leah Neely, William E. Doutt, Della Flick

Front: Margaret Thompson

[The date given to me was 1948; however, Margaret died in 1938, so there is an error here.]

Photo above

4 generations - 1902

Sade McKinney, Sarah Doutt McKinney, Maye Trout, Mildred Trout

Can someone help with this one?

It is labeled: "4 generations, at Aunt Della's house"

September 1948





Page 5

Margaret Clarisa Doutt Koedel


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Leah Ann Doutt and Aaron Elliger Neely

Leah Ann Doutt was born 16 April 1867, and died 16 Jan 1964. She married Aaron Elliger Neely. He was born about 1856, and died 17 April 1887, which was before their second daughter was born.

Leah and Aaron had the following children:

1) Elsie Estelle Neely b: 15 Aug 1885 d: 2 Jul 1970 m: Harry Herman Voss

They had a son, Daniel and a daughter Barbara.

2) Amy Eleanor Neely b: 25 Jun 1887 d: 19 Apr 1990 m: 27 Sep 1910 Charles Franklin Watson

They had a son, Robert.

Amy Eleanor Neely, daughter of Leah Ann Doutt and Aaron Neely, age 13

Leah Ann Neely holding

her great-nephew David Doutt

photo taken in 1941


Page 6

This is probably Leah Ann Neely and her great-granddaughter, Marcia Watson. [On back, it says "Mother with her great-granddaughter, Marcia Watson]


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Census Records for this family

The records on the following page should help you to follow this family at a given time and place.

I had a great deal of fun doing this research. Of course spelling is difficult, at best, in the census, so if you are looking for "Doutt", you should search for Doutt, Dout, Daut, Dowt, and probably others too numerous to mention. Although I have always thought that most of people with the surname spelled Doutt are probably our family, I need to revise that opinion. It looks like several families immigrated in the latter half of the 1800's, and it is unlikely they connect with ours.

Several people have asked about black Doutts. There is certainly a black branch of our family. Ruth Doutt Ingertson said that she believed that James M. Doutt had slaves when he lived in Kentucky, who came back to Pennsylvania with him when he returned home. However, as soon as he returned to PA, he gave the slaves their freedom. I have hoped that we might discover some of the black families, but so far that hasn't happened.

Also, when I searched for "Dout", to my surprise I found several Native Americans named Dout, on the various reservations. I didn't do any further research on these families, but enjoyed finding people named Fern Spotted Bear Dout Walk and Sarah Knife Dout Mix, in the Lodge Grass and Crow Indian Reservation in Big Horn, Montana. Please know that I am not making fun of these names, but find them extremely interesting.

There were families of Doutts in Illinois and Missouri that I did not know existed. I wish I had made note of them as I went along. However, I would think if I found them once, I could probably find them again.

On the following pages I have listed where the family of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emaline Butler lived in the census years. Although they didn't roam far, they certainly did spread out in various counties.

I have included census records. As before, the Key for these records is:

1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 Census

Names, Sex, Age, Where Born

1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930 Census

Name, Sex, Age, Marital Status

(Number after M (married) indicates the number of years married.

However in the 1930 Census, the number after M tells the age at which married.)

Where were they in the census?

Ephraim Theodore Doutt
1850 Clarion Co., PA
1860 Clarion Co., PA
1870 Clarion Co., PA
1880 Clarion Co., PA

Emeline Butler Doutt
1860 Clarion Co., PA
1870 Clarion Co., PA
1880 Clarion Co., PA
1900 Elk Co., PA
1910 Butler Co., PA

(continued on page 8)

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Page 7




Nancy Elizabeth Doutt
1860 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1870 Clarion Co., PA, w/parents
1880 Clarion Co., PA
1900 Westmoreland Co., PA
1910 Clarion Co., PA
1920 Clarion Co., PA

Sarah Minerva Doutt
1870 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1880 Butler Co., PA
1900 Butler Co., PA
1910 Butler Co., PA

Absalom Anderson Doutt
1870 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1900 Elk Co., PA

Della Elvira Doutt
1870 Clarion Co., PA, w/parents
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1900 Westmoreland Co., PA
1910 Centre Co., PA
1920 Centre Co., PA
1930 Centre Co., PA

Joseph Grant Doutt
1870 Clarion Co., PA, w/parents
1880 Clarion Co., PA, w/parents
1900 Clearfield Co., PA
1910 Clearfield Co., PA
1920 Clearfield Co., PA
1930 Clearfield Co., PA

Leah Ann Doutt
1870 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1880 Clarion Co., PA, w/parents
1900 Hudson Co., NJ
1910 New York Co., NY
1920 Hudson Co., NJ
1930 Bergen Co., NJ

Elsie Estelle Neely
1900 Hudson Co., NJ
1910 Hudson Co., NJ
1920 Hudson Co., NJ
1930 Bergen Co., NJ

Amy Eleanor Neely
1900 Hudson Co., NJ
1910 Hudson Co., NJ
1920 Hudson Co., NJ
1930 Bergen Co., NJ

Margaret Clarisa Doutt
1870 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1900 Allegheny Co., PA
1920 Butler Co., PA
1930 Butler Co., PA

Martha Matilda Doutt
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents

Laura Frances Doutt
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents

Mary Catherine Doutt
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1900 Luzerne Co., PA
1910 Luzerne Co., PA
1920 Luzerne Co., PA
1930 Luzerne Co., PA

John Clinton Doutt
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1900 Elk Co., PA
1920 Yancey Co., NC
1930 McDowell Co., WV

William Edmon Doutt
1880 Clarion Co., PA w/parents
1910 Westmoreland Co., PA
1920 Westmoreland Co., PA
1930 Westmoreland Co., PA

Ephraim Theodore Doutt
1900 Elk Co., PA
1910 Erie Co., NY
1930 Jefferson Co., PA

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Page 8

1850 Census

Clarion Co., PA

Porter Twp., page 113
J. C. Chandler M 26
(his household)
Theodore Dout M 17 PA


1860 Census

Clarion Co., PA

Porter Twp., page 30
Theodore Doutt M 26 PA
Emeline Doutt F 20 PA
Nancy E. Doutt F 5 PA
Sarah M. Doutt F 3mo. PA


1870 Census

Clarion Co., PA

Porter Twp., page 38
Theodore Doubt M 36 PA
Emaline Doubt F 30 PA
Nannie E. Doubt F 14 PA
Sarah M. Doubt F 10 PA
Absalom Doubt M 8 PA
Della E. Doubt F 7 PA
Joseph G. Doubt M 5 PA
Leia A. Doubt F 3 PA
Margarett Doubt F 1 PA


1880 Census

Butler Co., PA

Fairview Twp., E. D. 40, page 52
Samuel McKinney M 25 PA
Sarah M. McKinney F 20 PA
Adda M. McKinney F 1mo. PA

Clarion Co., PA

Madison Twp., E. D. 72, page 7
Homer J. Hosey M 24 PA
Nannie E. Hosey F 24 PA
Ila Z. Hosey F 3 PA
Bethel B. Hosey M 1 PA

Porter Twp., E. D. 76, page 16 & 17
Theodore Doutt M 46 PA
Emeline Doutt F 41 PA
Dellia A. Doutlt F 16 PA
Joseph G. Doutt M 15 PA
Leah A. Doutt F 13 PA
Maggie C. Doutt F 11 PA
Martha M. Doutt F 9 PA
Laura G. Doutt F 7 PA
Mary C. Doutt F 5 PA
John C. Doutt M 3 PA
William E. Doutt M 5mo. PA



1900 Census

Hudson Co., NJ

Bayonne Twp., E. D. 1, page 9B
Geo. W. Van Winkle
(large family)
Anna L. Neely F 33 Wd

Bayonne Ward 2, E. D. 7, page 25B
Daniel Smith M 48 M-19
Mary Smith F 41 M-19
Elsie Neely F 14 S
Amy Neely F 12 S
James Leclear M 25 S

Allegheny Co., PA

Aspinwall Twp., E. D. 334, page 12B
Henry Koedel M 34 M-11
Margaret C. Koedel F 31 M-11
Claud Koedel M 8 S
Edwin Koedel M 6 S
Erma Koedel F 1 S


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Butler Co. PA

Fairview Twp., E. D. 73, page 4A
Saml McKinney M 45 M-22
Sarah McKinney F 40 M-22
Laura B. McKinney F 18 S
George McKinney M 15 S
Herman McKinney M 13 S
Viola McKinney F 10 S
Earl B. MdKinney M 5 S
Merl D. McKinney M 5 S
Agnes P. McKinney F 1 S

Clearfield Co., PA

Dubois Twp., E. D. 71, page 24A
Grant Daught M 35 M-15
Carrie Daught F 36 M-15
Eda E. Daught F 15 S
Alfred Daught M 11 S
Leslie Daught M 8 S
Annie Daught F 5 S
Edgar Daught M 4 S
Mary Daught F 2 S

Elk Co., PA

Horton Twp., E. D. 35, page 6A
John Doutt M 23 M-0
Nellie Doutt F 20 M-0
Emaline Doutt F 61 Wd
Earl Doutt M 4mo. S


Horton Twp., E. D. 35, page 6B
Absalom Doutt M 38 M-17
Mirra Doutt F 40 M-17
Olive P. Doutt F 15 S
Merty B. Doutt F 13 S
Dasty E. Doutt F 7 S

Horton Twp., E. D. 35, page 7A
John Happler
(large household)
Ephraim Doutt M 17 S

Luzerne Co., PA

Hazelton Twp., E. D. 62, page 6A
George Rausch M 26 M-8
Mary Rausch F 25 M-8
Benjamin Rausch M 7 S
Charles Rausch M 5 S
Hellen Rausch F 3 S

Westmoreland Co., PA

Allegheny Twp., E. D. 75, page 27A
Reuben Flick M 39 M-16
Della Flick F 35 M-16
George Flick M 14 S
May Flick F 11 S
Clayton Benton M 6 S

Allegheny Twp., E. D. 75
John H. Hosey M 45 M-25
Nannie Hosey F 44 M-25
Albert Hosey M 19 S
Ethel Hosey F 17 S
Samuel Hosey M 12 S
Elenore Hosey F 11 S
John Hosey M 2 S
(and three boarders)


1910 Census

Hudson Co., NJ

Bayonne Ward 3, E. D. 16, page 1A
David W. Smith M 57 M1-29
Mary E. Smith F 50 M1-29
Elsie E. Neely F 24 S
Amy E. Neely F 22 S







Page 9

Erie County, NY


Buffalo Ward 22, E. D. 210, page 7B
Theodore E. Doutt M 27 M1-2
Emma Doutt F 24 M1-2

New York Co., NY

Manhattan Ward 12, E. D. 738, page 13B
Segel N. Seeman M 47 Wd
William H. Seeman M 18 S
Irma Seeman F 15 S
Kathryn Seeman F 12 S
Anna L. Neely F 43 Wd
Charlotte O'Smundsen F 24 S

Butler Co., PA

Buffalo Twp., E. D. 60, page 8A
Samuel L. McKinney M 55 M1-32
Sarah M. McKinney F 50 M1-32
Agnes McKinney F 11 S
Marion H. McKinney F 7 S
Katherine Shields F 13 S
Beulah McKinney F 19 M1
Emaline Wilson F 72 Wd

Centre Co., PA

Huston Twp., E. D. 23, page 6B
>Reuben Flick M 50 M1-25
Della Flick F 46 M1-25
(and 2 boarders)

Clarion Co., PA

Madison Twp., E. D. 15, page 12A
John H. Hosey M 54 M1
Nannie E. Hosey F 54 M1
Ethel Hosey F 26 S
John Hosey M 12 S

Clearfield Co., PA

DuBois Twp., E. D. 75, page 10A
Grant J. Doutt M 45 M1-26
Carrie A. Doutt F 46 M1-26
Leslie J. Doutt M 19 S
Anna A. Doutt F 16 S
Edgar T. Doutt M 15 S
Mary M. Doutt F 12 S
John M. Doutt M 9 S
William C. Doutt M 5 S

Luzerne Co., PA

Hazelton Ward 9, E. D. 48, page 7B
George Rausch M 38 M1-18
Mary Rausch F 35 M1-18
Benjamin Rausch M 17 S
Charles Rausch M 15 S

Westmoreland Co., PA

Vandergrift Heights, E. D. 211, page 13A
William E. Dout M 29 M1-10
Elizabeth Dout F 28 M1-10
Harold Dout M 10 S
Floyd Dout M 5 S
Alfred Dout M 4 S
Mabel Dout F 2 S


1920 Census

Hudson Co., NJ

Bayonne Ward 2, E. D. 16, page 2A
Herman H. Voss M 56 M
Barbara E. Voss F 55 M
Henry H. Voss M 25 M
Robert J. Voss M 23 S
Fredrick G. Voss M 18 S
Herbert B. Voss M 15 S
Beatrice M. Voss F 13 S
Elsie E. Voss F 30 M

Bayonne Ward 2, E. D. 17, page 3A
Charles F. Watson M 35 M
Amy E. Watson F 33 M
Robert E. Watson M 1 S
Anna L. Neely F 52 W

Yancey Co., NC

Pensacola Twp., E. D. 196, page 5B
John Doutt M 42 M
Nellie Doutt F 38 M
Earl Doutt M 20 S
Robert Doutt M 11 S
Dick Doutt M 6 S
Vivian Doutt F 3 S
Willhamina Rayay F 19 S

Butler Co., PA

Clay Twp., E. D. 35, page 16A
Melvin H. Thompson M 61 M
Margaret C Thompson F 51 M
Carl A. Thompson M 32 S
Dean L. Thompson M 26 S
Paul H. Thompson M 17 S

Centre Co., PA

Huston Twp., E. D. 26, page 4A
Reuben E. Flick M 60 M
Della Flick F 56 M
Hazel Phillips F 8 S



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Clarion Co., PA

Madison Twp., E. D. 72, page 11B
John H. Hosey M 64 M
Nannie Hosey F 63 M
Ethel Hosey F 36 S
Chester Hosey M 11 S

Clearfield Co., PA

Dubois Twp., E. D. 79, page 16A
Grant Doutt M 54 M
Carrie Doutt F 55 M
Mary Doutt F 22 S
William Doutt M 15 S

Luzerne Co., PA

Hazelton Ward 1, E. D. 70, page 12A
George Rausch M 48 M
Mary Rausch F 44 M

Westmoreland Co., PA

Vandergrift Ward 5, E. D. 233, page 9A and 9B
William E. Doutt M 40 M
Elizabeth Doutt F 38 M
Harold Doutt M 19 S
Floyd Doutt M 15 S
Alfred Doutt M 14 S
Mabel Doutt F 11 S
Ralph Doutt M 9 S
Verne Doutt M 7 S
Olive Doutt F 5 S
Helen Doutt F 2+ S
Elsie Doutt F 2 S


1930 Census

Bergen Co., NJ

Ramsey Twp., E. D. 196, page 5A
Mary E. Smith F 70 Wd-21
Ann L. Neely F 62 Wd-17
Henry H. Vose M 36 M-25
Elsie E. H. Vose F 43 M-32
Barbara A. Vose F 9 S
Daniel Vose M 8 S

Ridgewood Twp., E. D. 204, page 5B
Charles F. Watson M 45 M-25
Amy E. Watson F 42 M-23
Robert E. Watson M 11 S
Ellen Watson F 68 Wd-22

Butler Co., PA

Clay Twp., E. D. 24, page 14A
Melvin Thompson M 72 M-33
Margaret Thompson F 61 M-20

Centre Co., PA

Huston Twp., E. D. 18, page 5A
Della E. Flick F 66 Wd-19
Hazel E. Flick F 18 S
Abner McDonald M 73 S

Clearfield Co., PA

DuBois Twp., E. D. 29, page 8A
Grant Doutt M 65 M-20
Carrie Doutt F 66 M-20
William Doutt M 25 S

Jefferson Co., PA

Punxsutawney Twp., E. D. 24, page 1A
Harry E. Cranman M 35 M-30
(other family members)
Theodore E. Doutt M 47 S

Luzerne Co., PA

Hazelton Twp., E. D. 71, page 1A
George Rausch M 58 M-21
Mary Rausch F 54 M-17
Harold Rausch M 12 S

Westmoreland Co., PA

Vandergrift Twp., E. D. 178, page 10B
William Doutt M 52 M-22
Elizabeth Doutt F 48 M-18
Floyd Doutt M 25 S
Ralph Doutt M 20 S
Vern Doutt M 17 S
Olive Doutt F 15 S
Helen Doutt F 13 S
Elsie Doutt F 12 S
Freda Doutt F 7 S

McDowell Co., WV

Big Creek Twp., E. D. 18, page 1A
John C. Doutt M 51 M-22
Nellie M. Doutt F 48 M-18
Clair G. Doutt M 16 S
Vivian M. Doutt F 13 S









Page 10


And here is one more picture of a child of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler.

At right:

John Clinton Doutt
(Spanish American War)

Ephraim Theodore Doutt descends by the following lineage:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
Ephraim Theodore Doutt/Emeline Butler

The Genealogist's Psalm

Genealogy is my past time, I shall not stray.

It maketh me to lie down and examine half buried tombstones; it leadeth me into still court houses.

It restoreth my ancestral knowledge, It leadeth me into paths of census records and ship's passenger lists for my surnames' sake.

Yes, though I walk through the shadows of research libraries and microfilm readers, I shall fear no discouragement; For my strong urge is within me; the curiosity and motivation they comfort me.

It demandeth preparation of storage space for the acquisition of countless documents. It anointest my head with burning midnight oil, my family group sheets runneth over.

Surely births, marriage and death dates shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of a family-history seeker forever.


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Page 11


Samuel L. McKinney

William E. Doutt

Samuel L. McKinney, age 61 yrs. old of Birdville PA, died in Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA., Friday July 21 1916 at 3:30 pm, after an illness of ten weeks. Funeral services were held at the home of his son Herman, Birdvlle, Sabbath. Interment took place Monday in Petrolia, PA. Mr. McKinney leaves his wife and eight children as follows: Mrs. W. H. Trout, Willoughby, Ohio; Mrs. Frank Watt, Birdville; Mrs. Joseph Rudish, Blairsville; George, of Sharon; Herman, of Birdville; Earl, of Tarentum; Marie, of Natrona and Marion, at home.

He lived in Birdville for about 3 yrs. He was married to Miss Sarah M. Doutt, Oct. 23, 1877. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of this place. Deceased was a half brother of Mrs. Jacob Leeger.

W. E. Doutt, 83, of 502 Emerson St., Vandergrift, a Spanish-American War veteran, died yesterday (June 10, 1962) at 12:20 am.

He died in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Oakland, Pittsburgh, where he was a patient two weeks. He had been in failing health for some time.

Mr. Doutt served in Puerto Rico during the war of 1898 with the Spanish. There is only one other veteran of this war surviving in the borough of Vandergrift.

However, Mr. Doutt is the last veteran who has had long residence in Vandergrift.

Born in Smithland, Clarion County, [PA], on Sept. 24, 1879, he was a son of Theodore and Emeline Butler Doutt.

He came to Vandergrift in January of 1900 to work in the local plant of the old American Sheet and Tinplate Co., now U. S. Steel Corp. He worked in the plant until retirement in 1952.

His wife, Elizabeth, died in December 1952.

Mr. Doutt was a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Vandergrift, and the Sunday school of the church, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 566, Vandergrift; and the Veteran Steelworkers organization, Vandergrift.

Mr. Doutt leaves five sons: Harold, Vandergrift; Floyd, Hershey; Alfred at home; Ralph, Oklahoma; and Vernon, La Bellevue Road, Allegheny Township.

Five daughters: Mrs. E. M. (Mable) DeVore, Tunnelton; Mrs. William (Olive) Shriver, Cleveland; Mrs. William (Elsie) Townsend, Brunswick, Ohio; Miss Helen Doutt, Blairsville; and Mrs. Lauren (Frieda) Reefer, Vandergrift.

Also surviving are 17 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and two sisters: Mrs. Ann Neeley, Ramsey, NJ, and Mrs. Mary Rousch, Hazelton.

Friends will be received in the Harold B. Heckman Funeral Home, 274 Franklin Ave., Vandergrift, from 7 to 10 pm today, and 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 pm tomorrow. A service will be held in the funeral home Wednesday at 1:30 pm by the Rev. Kenneth Stoyer, his pastor. Burial will be in Vandergrift Cemetery.





Page 12

Margaret Clarissa Thompson

Margaret Clarissa Thompson, aged 69, of West Sunbury R. D. 1, died at the Butler County Memorial hospital at 5 o'clock Saturday night following a lingering illness. She was the widow of Melvin H. Thompson.

Surviving are two sons, Leland H. Koedel and Edwin A. Koedel of Sharpsburg; two grandchildren, one great grandchild; five step-sons, Alfred, Carl, Rex, Paul and Dean Thompson of West Sunbury R. D.; a step-daughter, Ruby Heath of Warren, O.; four brothers, Grant of DuBois, W. E. of Vandergrift, John of Pulaski, VA, and Ted Doutt of Punxsutawney; and three sisters, Mrs. John Motley of Julian, Mrs. Ann T. Neely of Ramsey, N. J. and Mrs. George Rausch of Hazelton.

The body was removed to Young's Funeral Home in West Sunbury.

Funeral services were held from the Young funeral Home at 2 o'clock this afternoon with Rev. Ira Scott of Slippery Rock officiating. Burial will be in St. John's cemetery, Hallston.

[From: Butler Eagle, Butler, Pennsylvania, 1 Aug 1938]




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Vital Records.........

North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000

Name, Birthdate, Birth County, Parents

Dana Lynn Doutt, 19 Apr 1966,Guilford, Richard Clair Doutt

Donald Perry Doutt, 4 Jun 1942, Guilford, Robert Theodore Doutt

Gwendolyn A. Doutt, 12 Mar 1945, Guilford, Richard Clair Doutt

John Adrian Doutt, 23 Nov 1961, Guilford, Richard Clair Doutt Jr.

John Daniel Doutt, 28 Sep 1951, Guilford, John W. Doutt

Lillian May Doutt, 19 Feb 1917, Buncomb

Linda V. Doutt, 15 Jul 1954, Guilford, John William Doutt

Lisa Ann Doutt, 30 Apr 1964, Guilford, Richard Clair Doutt Jr.

Livian May Doutt, 19 Feb 1917, Buncombe, John C. Doutt

Margaret Elizabeth Doutt, 23 Jun 1956, Buncombe, Frederick Vernon Doutt

Patrick John Daniel Doutt, 30 Sep 1975, Guilford, John Daniel Doutt

Richard Joseph Doutt,27 Apr 1953, Onslow, John Leroy Doutt

Rosemary Renee Doutt, 27 Sep 1973, Haywood, Frederick Vernon Doutt Jr.

and Brenda Carol Parker

Sandra Kaye Doutt, 13 Feb 1956, Guilford, John Wm Doutt

Sterling Vernon Doutt, 12 Oct 1927, Buncombe, Fred Vernon Doutt

Thomas Harold Doutt, 17 Sep 1977, Haywood, Frederick Vernon Doutt Jr.

and Brenda Carol Parker

Fredrick Vernon Doutt Jr., 4 Sep 1947, Haywood, Fredrick Vernon Doutt Sr.

and Sylvia Jenkins

Richard C. Doutt Jr, . 24 Dec 1939, Guilford, Richard Clair Doutt

Katie Ann Meeks, 13 Nov 1978, Onslow, William Leland Meeks

and Marian Kay Doutt

Texas Marriage Collection 1814-1909 and 1966-2002

Name, Spouse, Marriage Date, Marriage Location

Thomas R. Bryson, Joann Doutt, 2 Oct 1992, Harris

George W. Doutt, Marguerite Chopko, 29 Oct 1983, Harris

Randy S. Doutt, Karen S. Rogers, 13 Nov 1984, Dallas

Ryan J. Doutt, Hannah E. Carmichael, 19 Aug 2002, Bexar

North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004

Name, Spouse, Marriage Date, Marriage County

Gary E. Doutt, Barbara Gale Williams Depersis, 8 Sep 1967, Wayne

John Daniel Doutt, Ruth Nan Williams, 16 Jul 1983, Rockingham

William Paul Doutt, Barbara J. Demichael, 12 Aug 1996, Carteret

Larry Licari, Barbara Gale Williams Doutt, 19 Jul 1975, Wayne

More Vital Records on page 27

Page 13

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Happy 80th Birthday

Paul Oden celebrated his 80th birthday on June 8, 2007. His mother was a Doutt, and his father was Dominick Zanotti, and he was named Harry Robert Zanotti. He was sent to a foster home, and while there, his name was changed to Paul Eugene Odin. Somewhere along the way, his surname changed to Oden. According to his birth certificate, Paul's mother was Florence Mabel Doutt.

He has made contact with William Shriver Jr., who is a cousin, and was delighted when Bill attended his birthday party, as shown in the picture in the next column.

My thanks to Debbie Oden, Paul's daughter-in-law, for keeping me informed, and sending the photos.

Paul Oden with grandson, Jake Whitlinger

at the birthday party.

Paul and grandchildren, Mindy and Katie Pollino and Jake Whitlinger

Bill Shriver Jr. and Paul Oden

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Page 14

Paul Oden's Birth Certificate

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Department of Health

Vital Statistics

Certification of Birth

Place of Birth: Westmoreland Co., Vandergrift Borough

Date of Birth: June 8, 1927

Name of Child: Harry Robert Zanotti

Sex: Male

Name of Father: Don Zanotti

Maiden Name of Mother: Florence Mabel Doutt

February 4, 1949

Personnel Manager

Carnegie-Illinois Steel Co.

Clairton, PA

Re: Paul Oden alias

Harry Robert Zanotti

Dear Sir:

At Mr. Oden's request we are writing to you regarding the matter of his birth certificate. According to our records Paul Oden was born under the name of Harry Robert Zanotti at 502 Emerson Avenue in Vandergrift on June 8, 1927. Dr. John A. Boales was the attending physician. Shortly after birth he was removed from the care and custody of his mother and placed in a boarding home. While at this home the foster parents insisted upon changing his name to Paul Oden. He was entered in the public schools under this name and graduated from Youngwood High School in June of 1945. He also obtained employment at a local plant under the same name.

Paul has been placed in several foster homes but has always retained the name which was given to him by his original foster parents, i.e. Paul Oden.

We have always found Paul to be a very good worker and had received only good reports regarding his attitude and ability. We would greatly appreciate any consideration which you can give this young man. I believe he is honest and sincere in his statement regarding his name and is not in any way attempting to falsify his true identification. He has simply been the unfortunate victim of foster parents attempting to simplify and change his name.

Yours very truly,

Westmoreland County Children's Bureau



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I ran across a couple of cartoons that I thought you might enjoy! [From your editor]







Page 15

Papers of Edward J. Doutt

Sharlot Hall Museum Archives

Re-processed by Anne Foster, Oct. 1997


The papers of Edward J. Doutt span the years 1898 to 1929, although the bulk of the material dates from 1898 to 1902. The collection consists of military and pension records, biographical notes, and artifacts of Edward J. Doutt. Most of the material relates to Doutt's service in Company E, 14th Pennsylvania Volunteers (later Infantry), National Guard of Pennsylvania, from 1898 to 1902. Topics include the Spanish-American War (1898), the Philippines Insurrection (1899-1901), and the National Guard of Pennsylvania.

The material is divided into two series:

Series I: [Personal Papers, 1898-1929 and undated]

Series II: [Artifacts, 1898 and undated]


The papers of Edward J. Doutt were donated to the Sharlot Hall Museum by Rose and James F. Doutt in 1978.


Edward James Doutt was born July 12, 1879 in East Brady, Pennsylavania. At the time of his enlistment for the Spanish-American War, he gave his occupation as fireman. Enlisting on April 27, 1898, Doutt served with Company E, 14th Pennsylvania Volunteers (later Infantry), of the National Guard of Pennsylvania. Although discharged on October 17, 1898, he reenlisted, was promoted to the rank of corporal, and served until December 6, 1902. Edith B. McNickel of Lectonia, Ohio and Edward J. Doutt were married on June 18, 1903 in Allegheny (now Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania. At least one son, James F., was born to the couple. Edward J. Doutt died June 6, 1937 and is buried in Mt. Royal Cemetery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Series I: [Personal Papers. 1898-1929 and undated! (13 items)

This series contains military records, pension certificates, correspondence, and biographical notes. The materials document the military career of Edward J. Doutt including his enlistment, furloughs, promotion, discharge, and pension entitlement. There are also several notes containing biographical data and a letter from Harry R. Bain of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the Secretary of War. These items are arranged chronologically.

Series II: [Artifacts. 1898 and undated] (36 items)

Included in this series are uniforms, other clothing, pins, flags, and other artifacts

relating to Doutt's military career. These items are housed in the Collections Department of the Sharlot Hall Museum.


Originally, there was no apparent order to the materials. The materials were reunited and rearranged chronologically. Within the folders, newsprint was photocopied onto acid-free paper, and plastic clips replaced metal fasteners. The collection has been placed in acid-free folders and boxes.


The Sharlot Hall Museum houses a number of collections related to the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippines Insurrection (1899-1901), including the personal papers of others who served.


Series I: [Personal Papers, 1898-1929 and undated]

Document Box 82, Folder 11

[Personal Papers, 1898-1929 and undated]

Series II: [Artifacts, 1898 and undated]

Transferred to Collections Department

Editor: I found the above on the Internet. The Sharlot Hall Museum is in Prescott, Arizona. It gives considerable information about Edward J. Doutt, most of which my records agree. Edward descends by the following:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
John H. Doutt/Lydia Frantz
John Tarlton Doutt/Mary Anne Campbell
Edward J. Doutt


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Page 16

Various Items Sent by Louis Doutt

DeVore Home Scene of Armistice Day Tragedy.

Parents Sure Shells Taken from Weapon

A "Hunting" game played by two brothers in the parlor of their Tunnelton home resulted in tragedy yesterday morning when eight-year-old Robert Eugene DeVore was accidentaly shot and killed by a shot-gun blast fired by William Richard DeVore, aged ten.

The grief-stricken parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. DeVore, heard the shot and found the youngest of the two children lying beside the radio. Coroner Edward L. Fleming, M. D., said that the child had probably died instantly of shock and severe hemmorrhages. He had been struck in the abdomen.

The two brothers had been playing with one of their little pet rabbits. Billy told Coroner Fleming when they decided to pretend they were hunters. In spite of his parents' warning about touching firearms, he had picked up the shotgun, which was resting in one corner of the room, and had aimed it at a small China duck resting on the radio.

Little Bobby was standing directly in front of the radio while his brother took aim. " I slipped and the safety off just so I could hear the click of the trigger," Billy related, "and the next thing I knew there was a loud noise. I didn't think the gun was loaded."

The Coroner, upon arrival, tested the gun, a 12 -gauge Remington improved cylinder shot-gun, and ejected two other loaded shells as well as the one that had been fired from the magazine.

The father said that he had been positive that he had removed all the shells fromt he gun after hunting Monday afternoon, while Mrs. DeVore was equally positive that he had done so. The question of how the shells happened to be in the gun still remains a mystery, according to Dr. Fleming who, however, expressed an opinion that in all probability the child had reloaded the gun while he was playing.

Mother of the boys and a neighbor, Mrs. Alfred Johnson, were conversing in the kitchen at the time of the shooting. When Mrs. DeVore dashed into the room she saw her youngest son lying on the floor in a pool of blood. A Saltsburg physician pronounced the child dead.

Funeral services will be conducted at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Doutt, 502 Emerson Street in Vandergrift on Friday at 2:00 p.m. Friends will be received at the Doutt home after 6:00 this evening. Interment will be in Vandergrift Cemetery.

From the Indiana (PA) Evening Gazette, Weds., Nov. 12, 1941



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Page 17

Vandergrift Couple Married Fifty Years.

A Vandergrift couple's five sons and five daughters will help them celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Friday, August 26.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Doutt of 302 Emerson Street, will entertain at an open house from 2 to 4 and from 7 to 9 p.m. Between sessions they wil be guests of honor at a family dinner with their 10 children and nine of their ten grandchildren. Their grandson, Pvt. William R. DeVare, who is stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, will be unble to attend.

The couple's daughters are; Mrs. W. W. Shriver and Mrs. William Townsend, both of Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. E. M. DeVore of Tunnelton, Pa.; Mrs. Lauren Reefer of Vandergrift and Miss Helen at home. Their sons are Harold, Floyd and Vernon of Vandergrift, Alfred of Apollo and Ralph of Oklahoma, Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. Doutt have resided in Vandergrift for 48 years.

From the Indiana (Pa) Evening Gazette, Tues., August 23, 1949, page 5

50th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rowland of Dayton, celebrated their golden wedding, Monday, October 4th.

Mrs. Rowland is the former Myrtle Welch of South Mahoning township. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rowland have lived their entire lives in South Mahoning, near Smicksburg.

Three children born to this union are living and were all home with their families.

The children are: Mrs. Ruby Bricker, Lewisville, Ohio; Mrs. Roxy Doutt, Tarentum and Tom Rowland, Smicksburg. Four grandchildren were home for the occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland are enjoying good health and take a keen interest in all community and church work in their vicinity.

From the Indiana (Pa) Evening Gazette, Sat., Nov. 30, 1943, page 3

Mrs. Ralph Barr

BIRMIMGHAM — Mrs. Naomi ? Barr, 52, of Rt. 113, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Fisher-Titus Memorial Hospital, Norwalk, Tuesday afternoon. Deputy Huron County Coroner John Blackwood ruled that the death was caused by a heart seizure.

Born in Wilkinsburgh, Pa., July 8, 1912, Mrs. Barr had lived in Birmingham for four years, coming from Vermillion. She attended the Church of the Nazarene in Vermillion.

Surviving are her husband, Ralph; two daughters, Mrs. James Cummings, Butler, Pa., and Kathy, at home; two sons, Robert, Washington, D.C., and David at home; a sister, Mrs. Phyliss Denny, and two brothers, Robert and Richard Phillips, all of Butler, Pa.; her grandmother, Mrs. Grace Doutt, Ellwood, Pa., and four grandchildren.

Friends are being received at the Gerber and Son Funeral Home. Services will be at 2:30 p.m., EDT, Friday with Rev. Alvin V. Hansen, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, Vermillion, officiating.

Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery, Vermillon.

From the Chronicle-Telegram, Elyria, Ohio, October 8, 1964, page 22

Page 18

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Machine Operators. If you have

had the 2 year vocational machine

shop experience in high school, we

will consider training you. Steady

work plus overtime. Excellent

wages plus fringe benefits. Conact

David Doutt, General

Superintendent of Jerry Bradley,

Machine Shop Superintendent.


W. 3rd St., Dover, Ohio.

We are an Equal Opportunity


From the Coshocton, Ohio, Tribune, June 1, 1974, page 8

And then the advertisements. Thanks so much, Louis, for sending all of these.[Editor]



Household Goods


I will offer at Public Sale on Saturday,

August 1, at my residence. 100 Ellsworth street, the following Household Goods consisting of Two Bed Room Suite, Book Case, Parlor

Suite, Base Burner, Cook Stove, two Feather Beds, Carpets, two sets of Chairs, Rockers, Tables, Stands, new Lawn Mower, two Chamber Sets, Dishes, Rugs, Sofa, Cooking Utensils and many other articles too mumerous to mention. Sale to commence at 12:30 o'clock standard.

A credit of six months will be given on all sums over $5.00. $5.00 and under cash.


From the Daily News, Salem, Ohio, July 28, 1896, pg 5



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Expert on Leaky Roofs

New Roofs, and Roof Repairs

Also Built-up Roofs

For Free Estimates Call

Doutt Roofing Co.

Phone 25-411 Medina, Ohio. R. D. 3

Reverse Charges

From the Chronicle-Telegram, Elyria, Ohio, March 23, 1948, page 14

Page 19

Marvin and Marjorie Doutt; A Pictorial Record of their Lives

Marvin and Marjorie Doutt were twins, the youngest children of Samuel Blair Doutt and Mary Sofa Wescott Doutt. They were born 14 August 1908, Independence, Missouri.

Samuel Blair Doutt and

Mary Sofa Wescott

(photo taken about 1915)

Marvin and Marjorie

There are few pictures of Marvin and Marjorie in their childhood. I have included the ones I have found.

Left to right: Marvin and Marjorie

Marvin and Marjorie are definitely farm kids. Here they are holding chickens, while a cousin in front holds a dog.

Page 20

Marvin (in back) and Marjorie (on right)

Their sister Thelma is on the left, holding their niece Pauline (1917 or 1918)



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Marvin and Marjorie went to school in the Independence, Missouri school system, then they went to college in Warrensburg, Missouri. They both received degrees in Education, his in manual training and hers in physical education.

Marjorie (called "Dee" by family) taught at the Independence, Missouri high school, until 1941 when she died from appendicitis. She did not marry.

Marvin built and operated a gas station in Independence, just a short distance from the family home. He met and married Mable Case when he was in college, and in 1933, she came to Independence to live.


Marvin and Mable Wedding picture

16 July 1932

Marjorie Doutt

Marjorie at the concession booth of the family owned and operated swimming lake in Independence.

Marvin Doutt

(probably college pictures)





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Marvin's gas station with living quarters attached, built in 1932-1933.

Marvin served in Europe during World War II

The Swim-Team truck, at Marvin's gas station. Marvin and Marjorie were both on the Doutt Swim team.

Marvin, while in the Army in Europe, 1945

See page 25 for lineage on this family.




Paage 22

Brick house that Marvin built in Independence. He did much of the work and served as his own contractor. 1948



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And here is the rest of the family

The Doutt Family, about 1915

Back row: William, Thomas, Lois

Front row: Samuel, Marjorie, Thelma, Marvin, and Mary

William. Lois, Thomas


about 1904






Page 23

The Doutt Family, about 1928

Back: William, Thelma, Thomas, Marvin

Front: Lois, Mary, Samuel, Marjorie


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Photo Album............

Aaron Doutt in Iraq

Jane Doutt Bush sent these two pictures of the grandchildren of Daniel Russell Clarke Doutt and his wife Phyllis Marie Johnson.

The little girl in the suitcase is Astrid Pena, daughter of Jane's daughter, Annie George Bush Pena. I don't have names for the other children, but they sure of cute.

2 LT Aaron Doutt sent these pictures of himself and his men. They are with an airborne division in Iraq.

Aaron and some of his men.

Astrid Pena

Aaron Doutt

Daniel Russell Clarke Doutt descends by the following:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
James M. Doutt/Hannah Schall
Daniel Fetters Doutt/Martha Louise Smith
Oscar Harold Doutt/Laura Lucinda McCoy
Daniel Russell Clarke Doutt/Phyllis Johnson


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Aaron's lineage is as follows:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr./Sarah G. Smith
Samuel Blair Doutt/Mary Wescott
Thomas Wescott Doutt/Alma A. Case
Thomas Richard Doutt/Pamela Shields
Aaron Thomas Doutt/ Stephanie Ackles

Page 24

An Old Newsclip......

Current News...........

Well-Known Radio Man With Hosey

J. L. Doutt, experienced radioman has entered the Jim Hosey Radio Shop organization. Mr. Doutt has had five years radio experience in Seattle, two and a half of which were in business for himself, operating the Seattle Antenna Service.

Mr. Doutt's service experience has given him a great knowledge of the different kinds of radios and he stands ready at any time to assist West Seattle people with their radio troubles.

The past year Mr. Doutt was employed by Ernest Hardware Company as manager of the radio department in the Hollywood branch store.

Mr. Doutt brings with him to the Jim Hosey Radio Shop a complete organization of salesmen who are acknowledged radio men with considerable experience in radio service.

V. King, formerly with Mr. Hosey, is with the Steinite radio factory as Washington State Representative.

[From: West Seattle Herald, 31 Jan 1929]

Apple files for Magsafe patent

On March 29, the US Patent & Trademark Office published two of Apple's patent applications relating to their notebook feature known as Magsafe.

Apple's webpage information on Magsafe states: The MacBook Pro power adapter with MagSafe connector is just that: a magnetic connection instead of a physical one. So, if you happen to trip over a power cord, you won't send MacBook Pro flying off a table or desk: The cord simply disconnects, without damage to either the cord or the system.

Apple lists the inventors of both of these patent as being: John C. DiFonzo, Bartley K. Andre, Kayne Lim, Matthew Dean Rohrback, Mark Edward Doutt and Jean-Marc Gery.

Congratulations to Mark Edward Doutt for this accomplishment.


On the cover:

Lineage for the family of twins, Marvin and Marjorie Doutt,

page 20-23.

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
Absalom S. Doutt Jr./Sarah G. Smith
Samuel Blair Doutt/Mary Wescott
Marvin W. Doutt
Marjorie Doutt

Page 25

Yes, I am afraid this is your editor. I was about 5 years old, in 1941. I always did like cats; guess somethings never change.


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A Graduation

Rory Edwards Reinhardt was born 21 March 2007, to Alyssa Stokes Reinhardt and her husband Jeff. Grandparents are Richard and Gretchen Stokes, and great-grandparents are Lloyd and Evelyn Stokes. Evelyn writes that two more great-grandchildren are expected this year, and that will make six great grandchildren for them. Sounds like a fun group.

Lloyd Stokes descends by the following:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
James M. Doutt/Hannah Schall
Matilda Blair Doutt/William Ford Sarver
Lenora Ethel Sarver/Reuben Clair Stokes
Lloyd Frank Stokes/Evelyn Jean Van Dyke

Gregory Smith and his family

Becky, Steve, Greg, Dean, and Sandy

Gregory Smith, son of Dean and Sandy Smith of Rolla, Missouri, graduated 13 July 2007, earning a first, in a master's degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience. His degree was earned from Bristol University in Bristol, England. Greg is also your Editor's grandson.

While attending the graduation ceremonies, his family enjoyed a month tour of England, Scotland, and France. Dean brought home 1217 pictures on his digital camera, and I couldn't decide which one to include here. I finally decided to include the pub in

Scotland where J. K. Rowling penned the beginning stories of Harry Potter. According to the story, she was a single mother with little money, and she wrote the initial drafts of the story on restaurant napkins.

The story about J. K. Rowling seems a bit strange to me, because who can write on napkins? But maybe she wrote a rough draft on them. Anyway, that is the story.

Greg descends by the following lineage:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom S. Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
Absalom S. Doutt Jr./Sarah G. Smith
Samuel Blair Doutt/Mary Wescott
Marvin W. Doutt/Mable Case
Frances Jean Doutt/Luckett M. Smith
Dean Eric Smith/Sandra Sue Wilmsmeier
Gregory Neil Smith

Page 26

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I Need Your Help

Apparently I have lost most of my sources of obituaries. I keyed into the Social Security Death Index and found many Doutt deaths that I do not have obituaries for. Sadly, many of them are people whom I know, perhaps not having actually met them, but I have talked to several on the phone and corresponded with others, by e-mail or letter.

If anyone can send me a copy of an obituary for any of them, I would be very grateful.

Leonard C. Doutt b: 8 Sep 1922 d: 15 Jul 2005 Franklin, Venango Co., PA

Esther M. Doutt b: 14 Jun 1916 d: 24 Nov 2006 Columbia Station, Lorain Co., OH

Raymond B. Doutt b: 26 Feb 1923 d: 8 Apr 2006 Renfrew, Butler Co., PA

Elizabeth J. Doutt b: 19 Jul 1929 12 Mar 2007 Renfrew, Butler Co., PA

Frances J. Doutt b; 1 Jun 1929 d: 16 Jun 2007 Martinsburg, Blair Co., PA

James G. Doutt b: 11 Mar 1936 d: 7 Jun 2007 Hudson, Pasco Co., FL

James Leason Doutt b: 25 Jul 1939 d: 22 Apr 2007 Cirtus Heights, Sacramento Co., CA

Margaret Eleanor Doutt b: 23 Jan 1918 d: 28 Jul 2007 Waverly, Pike Co., OH

Vital Records, continued from page 13

Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005

Name Residence Spouse Residence Marriage Date

Robert L. Burwick, Helen Homoki Doutt,13 Mar 1975

Robert La Verne Dewitt, Janice Marie Doutt, 1 Sep 2003

Charles Arthur Doutt, California, Vorn Say, California, 7 Feb 1999

George E. Doutt Sr., Reba Jean Oesterling, 13 Oct 1994

Gerald Lee Doutt, Patricia Judith Schreiber, 12 Oct 1958

Jeffery Raul Doutt, Megan Renee Eisert, 25 May 2003

John Thomas Doutt, California, Lourdes E. Castro, California, 14 Jun 1986

Richard L. Doutt, California, Betty Aycrigg Mann, California, 20 Apr 1979

Timothy Randall Doutt, Patricia L. Stevenson, 14 Apr 1998

Paul N. Graham, Janet Eileen Doutt, 7 May 1957

Michael Hettenbaugh, Judith A. Doutt, 2 Sep 1998

Steve William Holtgrieve, Missouri, Barbara Ann Doutt, Missouri, 5 Jun 1982

James E. Innis, Molly M. Doutt, 28 Nov 1964

Arthur W. Miller,Oregon, Larelda S. Doutt, Oregon, 26 Sep 1983

Nick Horace Stark, California, Brenda Sue Doutt, California, 29 Jan 1981



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Page 27


Thomas L. Doutt


Thomas Lee Doutt, 73, of Apollo, died Friday, June 22, 2007, at his home.

He was born Dec 13, 1933, in Vandergrift, son of the late Alfred George and Ardith (Hildebrand) Doutt.

He lived in Hawaii most of his adult life before moving back to Apollo in 2004.

He graduated from Apollo High School in 1943, from cadet school in 1956, and from Lock Haven State College in 1974.

He was an Air Force captain.

He was employed by the state of Hawaii as a math teacher at Kapaa High School on Kauai until his retirement in 1989.

He as a member of the Kauai Retired Teachers Association and Roaring Run Watershed Association.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Martha Larue (Reefer) Doutt; four sisters-in-law, Mary Evelyn Kinter, of Apollo, Helen Irene Colwell, of Evanston, Wyo., Dorothy Reefer, of Sharon, and Bertha Elizabeth Reefer, of Redwood City, Calif.; nieces and nephews, Ronald Kinter and companion, Pearl Becker, of Apollo, Kathy (John) Keddie, of Apollo, Dennis (Elaine) Kinter, of Hyde Park, Carolyn (Thomas) Fabis, Murrysville, David (Cindy) Kinter, of Freeport, Joyce Reefer, of Sharon, James (Jan) Reefer, of Sharpsville, Richard (Pam) Colwell, of Evanston, Wyo., Linda Sue (Greg) Chitsey, of Garland, Texas, Robert (Rachel) Colwell, of Tulsa, Okla., Michelle Moeller, of Navato, Calif., Tim Stanisz, of Pittsburgh, and Marion Stanisz, and many great-nieces and great-nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a sister, Betty Fay Stanisz; two brothers-in-law, Raymond Blair and Ivan Eugene Reefer, and a niece, Ellen Stanisz.

To honor Mr. Doutt's wishes, there will be no visitation. A memorial service will be held at a later date. CURRAN-SHAFFER FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORY INC., 100 Owens View Ave., Apollo, PA 15613, is entrusted with the arrangements. To send an online condolence to the family, please visit

Zelma E. Doutt


Zelma E. Doutt, 77, of Brackenridge, died Thursday, June 8, 2006, in Highland Park Care Center, Pittsburgh. She was born Oct. 18, 1928, in Arnold to the late Otto and Zelma (Greiner) Lloyd and lived in Brackenridge most of her life.

Mrs. Doutt was a homemaker, a cook in the Allegheny Valley Hospital cafeteria and at McCools Restaurant and of the Methodist faith. She enjoyed gardening and taking care of her family and home.

Mother of Boyd C. Doutt Jr., of Brackenridge; James G. (Sandra) Doutt, of Natrona; Johanna L. Stewart, of Buffalo Township, and Zelma E. Csizmadia, of Tarentum. Sister of Theodore Lloyd, of Brackenridge; Otto Lloyd of Pittsburgh, and Raymond Lloyd, of Leechburg. Also survived by 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Also predeceased by her husband, Boyd C. Doutt Sr., who died Nov. 29, 2000; daughter Carol J. Linamen; brother Benjamin Lloyd, and sisters Anna Morgan and Dorothy Ohman.

Relatives and friends will be received from 9 until 11 a.m. services Monday in the DUSTER FUNERAL HOME INC., Tenth Avenue at Corbet Street, Tarentum, 724-224-1526. Private burial will be in Prospect Cemetery, Brackenridge.

[From: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]


Boyd C. Doutt descends by the following:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
James M. Doutt/Hannah Schall
Daniel Fetters Doutt/Martha Louise Smith
James Garvin Doutt/Effie Alice Scott
Boyd Craig Doutt/Zelma E. Lloyd










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Doutt Dialogues Index

Doutt Dialogues Table of Contents


Thomas L. Doutt decends by the following:

John Doutt/Elisabeth
Absalom Solomon Doutt/Elizabeth McFarland
Ephraim Theodore Doutt/Emeline Butler
William E. Doutt/Elizabeth Fluman
Alfred G. Doutt/Ardith Myrtle Hildebrand
Thomas L. Doutt


Page 28