Doutt Dialogues

A Newsletter for the family Doutt

Volume 10, Issue 2
May 2000

The family of Oscar and Laura (McCoy) Doutt

about 1940

Back row: Daniel Russell Clark Doutt, Joseph Harold P. Doutt, Earl Oscar Doutt, Austin Beryl Doutt, Bernard Frank McCoy Doutt

Front row: Edwinna Merald Doutt, Oscar Harold Doutt, Laura Lucinda McCoy Doutt, Mary Lee Remonia Doutt


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It is now June, and I am wrapping up the May issue. I am still late, but not as late as I was with the last issue. Perhaps I am catching up!

The cover photograph was sent to me by Russ and Elaine Doutt. It is of the family of Oscar Harold Doutt and Laura Lucinda McCoy. They are Russ'es grandparents. It is always a pleasure to see photos of our ancestors. It means much more to me than names and places, and I love to share them with you. I hope to have more about this family for you in subsequent issues.

It hardly seems possible that this is the tenth year of publishing DOUTT DIALOGUES. The years have gone by rapidly, and I feel like I have a lot of friends out there, that I have met through this newsletter. It is indeed a pleasure to record the Doutt comings and goings, both of our ancestors and our current-day members.

Have a good summer, and we will talk again in August (I hope).

Table of Contents

John Oyster Doutt and Margaret Ann Thomas 3

John Shadrack Doutt 4

Bible Record 5

Census Records 5

Obituary 5

1910 Pennsylvania Census, Soundex D-300 6

Descendants of Abram Thomas and Elizabeth Doutt 10

The family of William Theodore Doutt 11

A Graduation Party 12

The Twelve Commandments for Names 13

National Honor Society Inductee 13

Current News 14

Births 14

Photo Page 15

Obituaries 16

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Page 2

Again this month, I am presenting what I have in my records about a selected family in our Doutt lines. The next pages contain all that I know about this family. Please let me know of any errors, additions, and also photographs and newspaper clippings you may have about this family. Thank you.

John Oyster Doutt and Margaret Ann Thomas

John Oyster Doutt was born 9 Feb 1835 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, the son of Daniel Seymour Doutt and Susanna Sevison. He was the first of their seven children. John married Margaret Ann Thomas, the daughter of Andrew Thomas and Mary Hoster, on 28 July 1858 in Zelineople, Pennsylvania. Margaret was born 13 Jan 1830 (or 1837, according to another source) in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. John died 3 April 1895, and Margaret 9 May 1911, both in Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio. They are both buried in Hope Cemetery there.

John and Margaret's children are:

(1) Alice Elizabeth Doutt, born 31 August 1858 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and died 15 April 1960. She married 1 April 1880 to Frank Stamm, who was born 13 Feb 1852 and died 13 June 1931. They are both buried in St. Mark's Cemetery in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Their children are:

Vesta b: 17 Mar 1881 d: 31 Mar 1978 m: William Henry Brenneman

Margaret b: 27 Sep 1882 d: 30 Jun 1967 m: Leonard John Munson

Walter b: 10 Jun 1885 d: 4 Sep 1942

Adoh b: 25 Apr 1888 d: 9 Sep 1976 m: William R. Hunter

George b: 3 Apr 1890 d: 2 Apr 1892

Daniel Lewis b: 27 Aug 1897 m: Alice Bentrim

(2) Thomas Daniel Doutt, born 7 September 1860 in Harmony, Pennsylvania, and died 21 February 1944. He married 17 October 1889, to Clara Ann England, who was born 12 October 1862 and died 12 March 1934. They are both buried in Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio. Their children are:

Helen Elizabeth b: 9 Oct 1890 d: 7 Dec 1989 m: Howard E. Rees

Frederick Vernon b: 27 Feb 1895 d: 6 Apr 1966 m: Annie Nichol

m2: Sylvia Jenkins

Sterling Thomas b: 10 Feb 1898 d: 28 Jan 1989 m: Dorothy Alice Boyle

(3) Owen Isaac Doutt, born 2 January 1863 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and died 12 Dec 1938. He married first to Ellen Stuffer on 7 June 1888. He married second to Helen Shannon, who was born 21 August 1888, and died 26 August 1989. Owen is buried in Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio. I know very little about this family. In my records, I have two children recorded for Owen and Ellen. They are: George W. and James M. However there are many discrepancies in my data, and I am not sure this is correct.

(4) Agnes J. Doutt, born 4 April 1865 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and died 25 March 1930. She married Bayard T. Myers on 10 November 1888. Bayard was born 22 May 1858, and died 3 February 1926. They both are buried in Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio. Their children are:

Scelva Fay b: 12 Jan 1889 d: 25 Sep 1893

John Noel b: 11 Mar 1892 d: 12 Dec 1918

Paul Bayard b: 5 Oct 1897 d: 6 Sep 1968 m: Elizabeth Rozella Atchison

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(5) Aithelone Bird Doutt, born 29 Jan 1868 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and died 2 March 1944. She married Charles D. Carr, who was born 11 August 1863 and died 2 August 1939. They are buried in Hope Cemetery in Salem, Ohio. They have one daughter:

Margaret Mary b: 23 Sep 1894 d: 21 Sep 1951 m: Otis A. Rhodes

(6) Stella Doutt, born 29 Feb 1872 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and died 15 October 1968. She married Herbert Aaron Walton on 29 June 1893. Herbert was born 1 May 1871 and died 11 July 1932. They are both buried in Salem, Ohio. They have one daughter:

Lucy May b: 17 Dec 1894 m: Audrey Clarke Williams

(7) John Shadrack Doutt, born 5 September 1873 in Elwood City, Pennsylvania, and died 16 October 1963. He married Mabel DeRhodes on 23 June 1898. Mabel was born 30 August 1872, and died 12 February 1972. They are both buried in Grandview Cemetery in Salem, Ohio. They had no children.

John Shadrack Doutt


On September 5, 1873 John Shadrack was born in western Pennsylvania to John Oyster Doutt (b:1835) and Margaret Thomas Doutt (b:1830). The location was likely near the Beaver - Lawrence county line. He was the youngest of seven children, having two brothers and four sisters. In 1881 John Oyster moved all but one of his family to Salem, Ohio. His oldest child, Alice had married Frank Stamm and remained in Pennsylvania near Ellwood City.

"Shad" or "Shed", as he was widely known, attended school in Salem adapting readily to his new home. When he matured he became interested in harness making. He learned the craft from Frank Knowles, owner of The Old Reliable Harness Shop, which was located on the main street of the small but growing town. Later the operation became Knowles and Doutt. Upon retirement of Mr. Knowles, the J. S. Doutt Harness Shop became the leading harness business in Salem. When automobiles appeared Shad put up his high wheeled bike and joined the motor buffs. After several early makes he became a loyal Packard user. His interest in motor travel induced him to expand his business by adding luggage and kindred touring equipment along with taking in a partner named Thomas. Later he sold out to Mr. Thomas and retired, but found idleness was not for him so he established an automobile service center which he enjoyed for many years.

Near to The Old Reliable Harness Shop, Mrs. Adeliade DeRhodes and her sister, Mrs. Denny had a popular hat shop for ladies. Mrs. DeRhodes had a very attractive daughter named Mabel. She and John were married June 28, 1898. Mabel was active in the hat shop and survived her mother and aunt. Her shop prospered for many years and she enjoyed a long and useful life, living past the age of 99. They had no children but were very compassionate and civic minded. Many youngsters benefited greatly from their cultural and material help.

About 1930 he and his first cousin John Calvin Doutt discovered the grave of their grandmother, Susanna Sevison Doutt who died in 1879, was unmarked, so they provided a nice granite stone to preserve the location. His vices were few as he spent his energies on his business and hobbies including sports; however, he did enjoy good cigars. He was a Mason and member of Al Koran Shrine.

His death came as he would prefer as he waited in his car for Mabel after having dinner with friends.

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Page 4

Bible Record

Census Records

1860 Census, Pennsylvania, Beaver Co., Franklin Township,

John Doutt age 23
Margaret Doutt age 29
Elizabeth Doutt age 1
Susan Doutt age 42
Jeremiah Doutt age 19

1870 Census, Pennsylvania, Beaver Co., Franklin Township,

Jno. O. Dout age 35
M. A. Dout age 39
A. E. Dout age 12
Thos. D. Dout age 10
J. O. Dout age 9
A. E. Dout age 5
A. Dout age 2
Agnes Thomas age 21

1880 Census, Pennsylvania, Beaver Co., Franklin Township,

John Doutt age 45
Margaret Doutt age 47
Thomas W. Doutt age 20
Owen Doutt age 18
Agnes J. Doutt age 14
Aithlene Doutt age 12
Estila Doutt age 9
Shadrick Doutt age 6

Bible Record for John O. Doutt family, reprinted here for your convenience. Originally printed in Feb 1994 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES, page 9.

This Bible was published by H. D. Burroughs in Ravenna, Ohio, 1882 edition. A photocopy of the original is in the possession of Carol Willsey Bell, C.G., 4649 Yarmouth Lane, Youngstown, OH 44512 in 1989. The Bible was found with an antique dealer in Stark Co., OH.

This certifies that Mr. John O. Doutt and Miss Margaret Thomas were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Zeilenople on the 28th day of July in the year of our Lord 1858 in presence of Mr. & Mrs. Bausler. Signed: Mr. Bausler.


Frank Stamm and Alice E. Doutt were married April 1, 1880.

B. T. Myers and Agness E. Doutt married Nov. 10, 1888.

Owen Doutt married Ella ______ (not given), June 7, 1888.

Thomas Doutt married Clara England October 17, 1889.


John O. Doutt born February 9, 1835. Margaret Ann Thomas born January 13, 1837.

Alice E. Doutt born August 31, 1858.
Thomas D. Doutt born September 7, 1860.
Owen J. Doutt born January 2, 1863.
Agnes E. Doutt born April 4, 1865.
Arthelone Doutt born January 29, 1868.
Stella Doutt born February 28, 1872.
Shedrack J. Doutt born September 5, 1873.


page is black; separate sheet is inserted:

"In loving Remembrace — of Dear Father — J. O. Doutt died Apr. 2, 1895, aged 60 years

1 mo 16 da."

The above is a copy of page 93, which appeared in Columbiana County, Ohio & Vicinity Bible Records, Volume 1, edited by Carol Willsey Bell, C. G., copyright 1992. It was sent to me by Pat Shemenski of North Canton, OH who is a good friend and fellow researcher, but unfortunately not of our lines. Many, many thanks to Pat.

An obituary for this line

Last Rites for Former Resident


Funeral services for Owen Doutt, native of Perry township, who passed away at his home in Detroit, Mich., were held on Thursday afternoon in Salem, O., and were attended by many local relatives.

Mr. Doutt was born in Perry township on what is now the Michael Huber homestead; 76 years ago.

He is survived by his wife; two brothers, Thomas and John, of Salem, O.; three sisters, Mrs. Alice Stamm, of Frisco, Mrs. Charles Carr and Mrs. Stella Walton, of Salem, O.; and a large number of distant relatives in and about Ellwood City.

[From: New Castle News, New Castle, Pennsylvania, 16 Dec 1938, 26/2]











Page 5




[Editor: Sources disagree about the year of birth for Margaret Ann Thomas. Some say 1830, and others say 1837. Her death certificate and censuses seems to confirm the 1830 date. As in much of genealogy, the best we can do is to record the two different dates, with notes to tell where they came from.]

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1910 Pennsylvania Census

Soundex D-300

Here are my extractions of Doutts (and similar forms of the name) from the 1910 Pennsylvania Census. I have tried to identify the people that I found, to the best of my ability. I have "bolded" the information from the Soundex, and tried to identify each entry. If I don't tell you what line they are in, then I generally am not able to identify the family, or link them to our Doutts.

1. Doutt, Aaron, 30, WV, Beaver Co., living alone
Aaron Irwin Doutt, son of Amos Marlin Doutt and Emma Alice Green
Line of Amon

2. Doutt, Alfred J., 49, PA, Venango Co., wife Edith (48) and daughter Alda, 15
Alfred John Doutt, son of John Doutt and Susan Zeigler
He married Edith Percilla Rice
Daughter Alda was born in 1895
Line of Reuben

3. Doutt, Alfred L., 22, PA, Clearfield Co., wife Maud A. (21) and infant dau. Alice
Alfred Lynn Doutt, son of Joseph Grant Doutt and Carrie Millen
He married Maude A. Stuchell
Daughter Alice was born in 1908
Line of Absalom

4. Doutt, Amon, 32, PA, Crawford Co., wife Bertha M. (29) and 4 kids 7 and under
James Amon Doutt, son of James Lafferty Doutt and Exsana Morton
He married Bertha Mae Shearer
Children: Arthur J. (7), Cecil B. (dau-5), Harry L. (3), and Treva (dau-b:1908)
Line of Amon

5. Doutt, Amon, 55, PA, Forest Co., wife Linnie (46), and daughter Genevieve, 21
Amon M. Doutt, son of Amon Doutt and Sarah Rice
He married Belinda (Linnie) Grove.
Line of Amon

6. Dout, Amos, 64, PA, Beaver Co., "HM", enumerated with John Swezey
Amos Marlin Doutt, son of Amon Doutt and Sarah Lafferty
Line of Amon

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7. Doutt, Andrew, 61, PA, Venango Co., wife Clara (40) & BL, James Ross (48)

Andrew Zeigler Doutt, son of John Doutt and Susan Zeigler
He married (2nd) Clara Ross
Line of Reuben

8. Doutt, Austin, 43, PA, Venango Co., wife Minnie B., 2 sons, ML Rosanna Hays (64)

Austin Doutt, son of John Doutt and Susan Zeigler
He married Minnie Blanch Hays
Sons are James L. (14), and Homer J. (9)
Line of Reuben

9. Doutt, Charles S., 39, PA, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., BL of Edward J. Davies
Charles Samuel Doutt, son of John Tarlton Doutt and Mary Ann Campbell.
(His sister Effie Jane Doutt married Ed. J. Davies)
Line of John H.

10. Doutt, Clarence E., 22, PA, Venango Co., wife Maude E. (20) and infant dau Dortha M.
Clarence Emanuel Doutt, son of Alfred John Doutt and Edith Percilla Rice
He married Maude Emily Miller
His daughter Dorothy was born 1909
Line of Reuben

11. Douth, Clinton, 37, PA, Crawford Co., wife Nellie (31), five children, and mother Julia A. Clinton Samuel Doutt, son os Samuel S. Doutt and Julia Marley.
He married Nellie Merrifield.
Children are Mabel (11), Gladys (9), Melvin (7), Frances (4), Dorothy (2). Julia Marley Doutt is 66.
Line of Reuben

12. Doutt, Daniel, 68, PA, Mercer Co., wife Ellen (68) and son Reuben O., 45
Daniel Doutt, son of Reuben Doutt and Anna Stopp
He married Ellen Marshall
Line of Reuben

13. Dout, Dorris, 19, PA, Westmorland Co., DL of William T. Dout
Doris Beck, wife of Elmer Melvin Doutt
Line of Absalom

14. Dout, Earl E., 24, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Lettie (21) and 2 young daughters, Ruth (3), and Amelia (nr)

Page 6

15. Doutt, Edward J. (33), Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., enumerated w/ Oper S. Schoonover
Edward James Doutt, son of John Tarlton Doutt and Mary Ann Campbell
He married Mabel B. McNickle
Line of John H.

16. Doutt, Elizabeth H., 52, NY, Elk Co., daughters Myrtel, 23, and Daisy A., 17
Maria Elizabeth Stewart, wife of Absalom Anderson Doutt
Line of Absalom

17. Doutt, Elizabeth A., 69, PA, Butler co., with son Samuel, 35
Elizabeth Ann George, married William Semmes Doutt
Their son is Samuel Hamilton Doutt
Line of John H.

18. Doutt, Floyd, 6, PA, Erie Co., SS of Floyd Leonard
Floyd Alton Doutt, son of Henry Alton Doutt and Bertha May Bunting
Apparently Floyd Leonard is his step-father.
Line of Amon

19. Doutt, Francis, 44, PA, Venango Co., wife Jessie B. (33) and two young sons
Francis Doutt, son of Jacob Doutt and Sarah Horton
He married Jessie Belle Allen
Sons are Kenneth A. (3), Francis E. (b:1909)
Line of Reuben

20. Doutt, Frank, 31, PA, Mercer Co., wife Ida (25), and 4 children 6 and under
Children are Lous (son-6), Alice (4), Lucy (2), and Harriet ("son"-nr)

21. Dout, Frank, 64, Germany, Perry Co., with wife Clarissa, 73, PA

22. Dout, Genevieve, 14, PA, Crawford Co., niece of Anna Muse

23. Dout, George W., 50, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Millie (40), and son Frances Russel, 16

24. Doutt, Grant J., 45, PA, Clearfield Co., wife Carrie (46), & 6 children 5 - 19
Joseph Grant Doutt, son of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler
He married Carrie Ann Millan
Their children: Leslie J. (19), Anna A. (16), Edgar T. (15), Mary M. (12), John M. (9), William C.(5)
Line of Absalom

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25. Dout, Hannah, 51, PA, Lancaster Co., dau of Anna E. Beinhainer.
Enumerated with Anna E. Beinhainer.

26. Doutt, Harry, 34, PA, Venango Co., wife Minnie (29) & 4 children 9 and under
Harry Doutt, son of Sidney Doutt and Susannah Sechler
He married Minnie Lee Hall
Their children: Ralph (9), Fred (8), Cora (6), Robert (2)
Line of Reuben

27. Dout, Harry W., NR, PA, Westmoreland Co., GS of William T. Dout
Harry William Doutt, son of Elmer Melvin Doutt and Doris Amanda Beck, enumerated with William T. Dout
Harry is about a year old
Line of Absalom

28. Doutt, Henry A., 55, PA, Allegheny Co., wife Ella E. M. (53) & 3 children 15 - 22
Henry Ashton Doutt, son of Amos Doutt and Sarah McNaughton
He married Elda Eve Mackenzie
Their children: Grace M. (22), Robert H. (20), Howard H. (15)
Line of Amos

29. Doutt, Inirn W., 53, PA, Allegheny Co., wife Laura E. (52), & 3 children 19 - 24; sister Kate C., 43, and c(ousin?) Margaret Wiggins, 53
Irwin W. Doutt, son of Amos Doutt and Sarah McNaughton
He married Laura Moorhead
Children: Evelyn M. (24), Katheryn C. (20), Irwin M. (19)
Margaret Wiggans is daughter of Phillip Wiggins and Catherine Doutt
Line of Amos

30. Doutt, J., 53, PA, Allegheny Co., and daughter Emma, 15

31. Doutt, Jacob, 79, PA, Venango Co., living alone
Jacob Doutt, son of Reuben Doutt and Anna Stopp
Line of Reuben

32. Doutt, James F., 3, PA, Allegheny Co., living with Oper S. Schoonover.
James F. Doutt is the adopted son of Edward James Doutt and Mabel B. McNickle.
Line of John H.


Page 7

33. Doutt, James L., 61, PA, Crawford Co., wife Exsana (60)
James Lafferty Doutt, son of Amon Doutt and Sarah Lafferty
He married Exsana Morton
Line of Amon

34. Doutt, John M., 31, PA, Mercer Co., wife Ella E. (36), and two young sons
John Marshall Doutt (really 41), son of Daniel Doutt and Ellen S. Marshall
He married Ella Elzina Richael
Their children: Raymond (7), and Erl M. (3).
Raymond is the son of Ella, by a previous marriage.
Line of Reuben

35. Dout, John R., 51, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Judie J. (46) and 4 children 7-15.
Children are: Jessie (son-15), Malinda (12), Robert J. (10), and Julie J. (7).

36. Dout, John R., Jr., 23, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Mina A. (20) and two young sons
Children are: John R. (2) and Wilbert J. (nr)

37. Doutt, Joseph B., 37, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Isabel (25)

38. Doutt Joseph H., 49, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Mary E. (41) and 9 children 2-23
Joseph H. Doutt, son of Amos Doutt and Sarah Rice.
Married Mary Ellen Upperman
Children: Edward C. (23), Lottie M. (19), Joseph H. (17), Clark D. (15), Margaret M. (12), William (10), Clarence (8), Arthur A. (4), Eugene (2)
Line of Amon

39. Doutte, Levina M., 49, PA, Armstrong Co., with 1 son and 4 daughters
Lavina Rairaigh Doutt, wife of James Albert Doutt (who is the son of James M. Doutt and Hannah Schall). Where is James Albert Doutt?
Children: Fred E. (19) Nola M. (14), Ruth E. (12), Anna M. (9), and Verna V. Grimm (24).
Line of Absalom

40. Dout, Lewis P., 41, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Margaret E. (41), & 6 children 3-18
Children are: Edward L. (18), Pearl E. (14), Helen R. (11), Maria J. (7), Margaret E. (4), Lillian E. (3).

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41. Doutt, Mabel B., 33, OH, Allegheny Co., enumerated with Oper S. Schoonover
Mabel B. (McNickle) Doutt, wife of Edward James Doutt
Line of John H.

42. Dout, Malinda C., 74, PA Lawrence Co., ML, enumerated with Joseph W. Daniels.

43. Doutt, Mary C., 58, PA, Venango Co., living alone
Mary C. Doutt, probably is widow of John Doutt (1826-1902).
He married (2nd) Marietta Wood (or Downey)
Line of Reuben

44. Dout, Matilda T., 14, PA, Allegheny Co., adopted daughter, enumerated with Robert J. Dout

45. Dout, Menel G., 27, PA, Westmoreland Co., with wife Minnie W. (24), a daughter and a son
George Merel Doutt, son of William Theodore Doutt and Rebecca J. Simpson.
He married Minnie Wae Shutt.
Children are Erma B. (3), and Elmer M. (born 1908).
Line of Absalom

46. Doutt, Nathan, 52, PA, Venango Co., wife Isabel (50), and two sons
Nathan Doutt, son of John Doutt and Susan Bough Ziegler.
He married Isabel McFate.
Sons are William (24), Lawrence N. (18).
Line of Reuben

47. Doutt, Noah, 46, PA, Venango Co., wife Elda (42), and 6 children
Noah Doutt, son of John Doutt and Susan Bough Ziegler.
He married Elda Gilliland.
Children are Claude E. (19), Floyd A. (16), Mary E. (11), Ruth M. (8), Wayne A. (4), Carl I. (born 1908).
Line of Reuben

48. Dout, Nyrl, 20, PA, Mercer Co., nephew, enumerated with Edwin G. Wick

49. Doutt, Rea, 12, PA, Erie Co., SD, enumerated with Floyd Leonard
Daughter of Henry Alton Doutt and Bertha Bunting.
Floyd Leonard must be her step-father.
Line of Amon


Page 8

58. Doutt, William E., 29, PA, Westmoreland Co., wife Elizabeth (25), four children
William E. Doutt, son of Ephriam Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler.
He married Elizabeth Ann Fluman.
Children are Harold (10), Floyd (5), Alfred (4), Mabel (2).
Line of Absalom

59. Dout, William T., 54, KY, Westmoreland Co., wife Rebecca J. (58), son Melvin E., daughter-in-law Dorris, and grandson Harry W.
William T. Doutt, son of Absalom Solomon Doutt and Margaret Jane Absher.
He married Rebecca J. Simpson
Son Melvin E. (20), Dorris (19) is Melvin's wife, and their son, Harry W. (b:1909).
Line of Absalom

n.r. means "not reported".

50. Dout, Robert J., 54, PA, Allegheny Co., wife Mary R. (65), and adopted daughter Matilda T. (14)

51. Doutt, Ross A., 27, PA, Crawford Co., wife Lila M. (23), and daughter Evelyn I.
Ross A. Doutt, son of James L. Doutt and Exsana Morton.
He married Lila Mae Skiff.
Daughter Evelyn I. (2)
Line of Amon

52. Douett, Sarah, 81, PA, Beaver Co., mother, enumerated with Josephine Evans
Sarah Rice Doutt, wife of Amon Doutt.
Josephine is her daughter.
Line of Amon

53. Doutt, Sidney, 60, PA, Venango Co., with four children and two granddaughters
Sidney Doutt, son of John Doutt and Susan Ziegler.
He married Susannah Elizabeth Sechler, who died in 1908.
Children are Walter (24), Sylvia (16), Lottie (13), Grace (26), and Grace's daughters, Vera Martin (6) and Mildred Martin (4)
Line of Reuben

54. Doutt, Todd A., 32, PA, Allegheny Co., wife Mary (33), and two children
Todd A. Doutt, son of John Tarlton Doutt and Mary Ann Campbell.
He married Mary Grace Seitz.
Children are Margaret (7), and Alfred (b:1908)
Line of John H.

55. Doutt, Velma M., 8, PA, Erie Co., grand-daughter, enumerated with Levi C. Bunling
Velma M. Doutt, daughter of Henry Alton Doutt and Bertha May Bunting.
Levi C. Bunting, her grandfather.
Line of Amon

56. Doutt, William, 59, PA, Beaver Co., wife Mary E. (53), two sons
William Doutt, son of Amon Doutt and Sarah Rice.
He married Mary Ellen (Ella) Smith
Children are George W. (15) and James M. (13).
Line of Amon

57. Dout, William, 20, PA, Lawrence Co., wife Mertle, two children
Children are: Josephine (2), and John (nr)

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There you have my extractions for Doutts in the 1910 Pennsylvania census. You can see that spelling didn't mean too much, and was probably at the census taker's whim. That is the good thing about Soundex indexing: all of the similar sounding names are placed together. So you find the various spellings together, and hopefully don't miss the ones that were misspelled.

There was a family of Douts in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania that I researched briefly a few years ago. I recognize some of the Douts in the listing as being from that line, and at this time, I don't think they are connected to our Doutts. Of course, we should "never say never", since time can prove us wrong. <grin>


Note for page 16: Jack L. Doutt and Elinor Doutt are in the line of Amon by the following lineage:

John Doutt and Catherine Good

Amon Doutt and Sarah Lafferty

Amos Marlin Doutt and Elizabeth Wallis

Amos M. Doutt and Agnes Grable

Jack L. Doutt is the son of Amos M. Doutt and Agnes Grable.

Elinor Drake is the ex-wife of Clyde Doutt, who is the son of Amos M. Doutt and Agnes Grable.

Page 9

Still looking for the descendants of

Abram Thomas and Elizabeth Doutt

Left to right:

Samuel Millard Largent, Susanna Thomas Largent, and Everett Flernoy Largent

In the August 1997 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES, I included a chart of the descendants of Abram and Elizabeth (Doutt) Thomas, showing where their children were found in the census, from 1870 to 1920. I didn't have much information about that line, and I still don't. But just this week, I discovered Susan Largent Newnam who descends from Abram and Elizabeth's daughter, Susanna. Susan also provided me with a picture of Susanna Thomas Largent with two of her sons, Samuel Millard Largent and Everett Flernoy Largent.

Elizabeth Doutt was in the line of Daniel Doutt. She was the daughter of Daniel Doutt and Susanna Sevison, born 7 Dec 1837, and died 4 Aug 1918. Abram Thomas was the son of Andrew Thomas and Mary Harbaugh, born 4 July 1835, and died 22 Dec 1908.

Their children were:

(1) Andrew Oren Thomas, b: 14 Aug 1859, married Martha Alice Wymore in 1881.

(2) Adda Salina Thomas, b: 5 Feb 1861, married Neri Miller about 1883.

(3) Omar Thomas, b: 8 July 1862, married Edith Kawanges.

(4) David Thomas, b: 28 Aug 1865, married Flora Dickens.

(5) James Wright Thomas, b: 11 Apr 1867, married Chaffee Burton.

(6) Susanna Thomas, b: 26 Aug 1868, married Samuel Largent.

(7) Mary Florence Thomas, b: 29 Apr 1870, married Henry Morgan Emmart about 1892.

(8) Clemma Thomas, b: 2 Apr 1972, d: 1881.

(9) Emma Jane Thomas, b: 4 Jan 1874, married Joseph Snyder about 1892.

(10) Daniel Ira Thomas, b: 25 Sep 1875, married Delcie Moore about 1896.

(11) Ella Elizabeth Thomas, b: 26 Nov 1878, married Charles Orval Sperow.

Editor: I would welcome any additional information about this line.

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The Family of William Theodore Doutt

1 June 1857 -- 17 June 1911


Wm Theodore Doutt 1 Jun 1857
Rebecca Doutt 8 Feb 1852
Samuel Doutt 22 Oct 1879
George Merle Doutt 15 Jun 1883
Myrtle M. Doutt 28 Jun 1885
Annie Blanch Doutt 2 Dec 1887
Elmer M. Doutt 14 Sep 1889
Harry Wm Doutt 29 Sep 1909
Rebecca Doutt 15 Oct 1911
Elmer M. Doutt Jr. 15 Oct 1911
Infant 4 Oct 1912
(& died 7 Oct 1912)
Ferne L. Messersmith 31 Aug 1910
Clarence J. Klingersmith 30 May 1910
Florence Sanden 11 Sep 1910
Harry Park Beck 14 Jan 1867
Cora Alpharetta Clepper 3 Aug 1871
Doris Amanda Beck 15 Mar 1890
Harry wilson Beck 22 Mar 1892
Alpharetta Mary Tomson Beck 12 Feb 1899
Francis Isabel Beck 2 May 1902
May Elizabeth Beck 17 May 1905


Wm Wasson 16 Apr 1868
M. A. Simpson

Wm Doutt 4 Jul 1878
Rebecca Simpson

Elmer M. Doutt 4 Nov 1908
Doris A. Beck

Ferne L. Messersmith 2 Jun 1931
Harry W. Doutt

Rebecca A. Doutt 7 Nov 1933
Clarence J. Klingersmith

Elmer Melvin Doutt Jr. 8 Aug 1935
Florence Sanden


Wm Wasson 15 May 1920
M. A. Wasson 18 Mar 1922
Wm Theodore Doutt 17 Jul 1911
Rebecca Doutt 23 Nov 1933
Samuel H. Doutt 8 Jun 1885
George M. Doutt 10 Jan 1939

Page 11

Darlene Leda sent the birth, marriage, and death dates on this page. It was on an old mimeographed sheet, or perhaps the old ditto copier (remember those?). These people would be in the line of William Theodore Doutt and Rebecca Simpson. (William was the son of Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr. and Margaret Absher). They resided in western Pennsylvania, and many are buried in Vandergrift Cemetery.

I can identify most of the people in the list, and my records agree with most of them. I have the birthdate of Samuel H. Doutt as 22 Sep 1879, probably calculated from the text on his tombstone, which says "age 5 years, 8 months, and 16 days." He died 8 June 1885. I don't know who Wm Wasson is, or his wife, M. A. Simpson, although I am guessing M. A. Simpson might be a sister of Rebecca Simpson.

Erma Doutt

Darlene identifies this photo as "Erma Doutt on Al Doutt's front steps." [She is probably Erma Belle Doutt, daughter of George Merle Doutt and Minnie Wae Shutt. Erma was born 22 May 1906 in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.

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A Graduation Party

Left to right: back row: Mark, Dean, David, Roger, Dale

front row: Carolyn, Judy, Frances, Christine, Marjorie

We had a different kind of graduation party this year. Carolyn graduated from Barnes School of Nursing (through University of Missouri at St. Louis), with a nursing degree. She was the ninth of my nine kids to graduate from college, and I am pretty proud of them. I know how much work that entails, and how many midnight study sessions they had to put in. We had a family party at a local restaurant to celebrate this accomplishment. See photo above. (I don't allow my picture to be in print very often. I guess this is a special occasion).

Briefly, the graduates are Mark (1979--UMSL), Dean (1981--Northwestern U., Evanston, IL), David (1983--UMSL), Marjorie (1984-UMSL), Christine (1987--UMSL), Roger (1990--Maryville University, St. Louis, MO), Dale (1993--Mizzou), Judy (1995--Mizzou), and Carolyn (2000-UMSL). They are the children of Luckett M. Smith and Frances (Doutt) Smith.

UMSL is the University of Missouri at St. Louis

Mizzou is the University of Missouri in Columbia

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Page 12


(1) Thou shalt name your male children: James, John, Joseph, Josiah, Abel, Richard, Thomas, William

(2) Thou shalt name your female children: Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Maria, Sarah, Ida, Virginia, May

(3) Thou shalt leave NO trace of your female children

(4) Thou shalt, after naming your children from the above lists, call them by strange nicknames such as: Ike, Eli, Polly, Dolly, Sukey, -- making them difficult to trace.

(5) Thou shalt NOT use any middle names on any legal documents or census reports, and only where necessary, you may use only initials on legal documents.

(6) Thou shalt learn to sign all documents illegibly so that your surname can be spelled, or misspelled, in various ways: Hicks, Hix, Hixe, Hucks, Kicks

(7) Thou shalt, after no more than 3 generations, make sure that all family records are lost, misplaced, burned in a court house fire, or buried so that NO future trace of them can be found.

(8) Thou shalt propagate misleading legends, rumors, and vague innuendo regarding your place origination

(a) you may have come from: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales... or Iran.

(b) you may have American Indian ancestry of the _____ tribe....

(c) you may have descended from one of three brothers that came over from ______

(9) Thou shalt leave NO cemetery records, or headstones with legible names.

(10) Thou shalt leave NO family Bible with records of birth, marriages, or deaths.

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National Honor Society Inductee

Kathryn Smith was initiated into the National Honor Society, Lindbergh Chapter, (St. Louis, MO) on 12 April 2000. She is the daughter of David and Patricia (Kincaid) Smith, and is your editor's grand-daughter. Katie is 16 years old and has just finished the 10th grade at Lindbergh High School.

(11) Thou shalt ALWAYS flip thy name around. If born James Albert, thou must make all the rest of thy records in the names of Albert, AJ, JA, Bert, Bart, or Alfred.

(12) Thou must also flip thy parent's names when making reference to them, although "Unknown" or a blank line is an acceptable alternative.

[Editor: Author unknown. Louis Doutt sent this, after finding it on the Internet. I thought you would probably enjoy this, because it is oh - so - true! Many thanks to Louis for sending it.]





Page 13

Current News..................



Greg Smith

Rolla Junior High students do well at National History Day in Missouri Competition

Students from Rolla Junior High and Rolla High School participated in the National History Day in Missouri competition, held at the University of Missouri-Columbia campus on Saturday, April 7.

More than 500 Missouri students and 121 teacher sponsors from 80 schools were at the event, which is sponsored by the State Historical Society and the Western Historical Manuscript Collection--Columbia. Students from around the state presented 286 separate entries in categories that included historical papers, museum-type exhibits, performances and documentaries. More than 50 of those students qualified as Missouri delegates to the National History Day competition, June 11-15 at the University of Maryland--College Park, just outside of Washington,D. C.

National History Day is the nation's leading educational program for history education in the schools. The program annually draws more than half a million participants in 48 states and the District of Columbia. During this school year approximately 2,500 Missouri students in grades 6-12 participated in History Day. They conducted research related to an annual theme selected by a National History Day committee: "Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events."

Each entry in the state contest participated earlier in school and regional contests in order to qualify. Students entered in the junior (grades 6-8) and senior (grades 9-12) divisions. Judges at Saturday's event included 72 historians, educators, museum and historical site personnel and others from all regions of Missouri................

[From: Rolla Daily News, Rolla, Missouri, 16 April 2000]

Greg is your editor's grandson, and is in the line of Absalom, by the following lineage:

John Doutt and Elisabeth

Absalom Solomon Doutt and Elizabeth McFarland

Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr. and Sarah G. Smith

Samuel Blair Doutt and Mary S. Wescott

Marvin W. Doutt and Mable B. Case

Frances J. Doutt and Luckett M. Smith

Dean E. Smith and Sandra Wilmsmeier

Gregory N. Smith

Greg Smith, the son of Dean and Sandra Smith of Rolla, Missouri won first place (in the state of Missouri) in a documentary competition in March. The National History competition is in Washington D. C. from June 11 to June 15.


He created a ten-minute documentary video on the Allied use of deception at D-Day. He won first place in the regional competition in February and won the state competition in March. His category was Senior Individual Documentary. The title of his documentary is: "D-Day: Forces Other than Courage: Behind the Turning Point." The theme for this year's contest was "Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events." See the article in the next column about the competition.

Greg's family will accompany him to Washington D. C. for the competition in June.


Riley Ann Garner

Riley Ann Garner was born 22 February 2000, to Scott and Paula Garner of LaPorte, Indiana. She has a big brother, Joshua, who turned four years old on 31 March 2000, and proud grandparents, David and Linda Doutt of Venango, Pennsylvania.

Linda also reports that her grand-daughter, Abigail Catherine Wise, daughter of Joseph and Joanne Wise, was born 28 June 1998, (and not 28 June 1988, as I reported in this last issue). I am sorry for this typo, and would like to correct it.

They are in the line of Amon, by the following lineage:

John Doutt and Catherine Good

Amon Doutt and Sarah Lafferty

James Lafferty Doutt and Exsana Morton

Charles Joseph Doutt and Nina Morton

Richard J. Doutt and Betty Zilhaver

David B. Doutt and Linda Henry

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Page 14

Photo Page............

William and Nancy Doutt of Big Flats, NY, on a bright summer day in Ogunquit, Maine. William is in the line of Amon.

Alisha Michelle Doutt, age 9, daughter of Amy Doutt and grand-daughter of Louis Doutt and Suann (Dulaney) Doutt of Waynesburg, PA. They are in the line of Amon.


Back row: Josh and Rachel Handa

Front row: Echo Russell, Justin Russell, Tosho Handa

These are grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Edwinna (Doutt) Jones Smith. Edwinna is the daughter of Oscar Doutt and Laura McCoy, in the line of Absalom. Photo taken 1984.

Josh Doutt, about 17, son of David Doutt and Kathryn George, and grandson of Glenda Doutt of Industry, PA, and the late Eugene A. Doutt. He is in the line of Amon.


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Left: Three cousins enjoy a wagon ride. Left to right they are Meredith Stratmann (age 1 1/2), Jessica Cook ( age almost 3), and Emily Karnuth (age 1). They are grand-daughters of your editor and in the line of Absalom.

Page 15


Ozella Field Doutt

Ozella Field Doutt, 92, of Greensboro Manor, Greensboro, died June 12, 1999, at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, Greensboro.

Graveside service will be 2 pm Monday in Guilford Memorial Park, with the Rev. Ralph Webb officiating.

She was a native of Pickens, SC, born to William H. Field and Pearl Ozella Williams Field on Feb. 17, 1907. She was a member of Rocky Knoll Baptist Church and a member of Fidales Sunday school class and Womens Missionary. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert T. Doutt; son, Robert T. Doutt, Jr.; and brother, Broadus Field.

Survivors are sons, John W. Doutt of Greensboro, Donald P. Doutt of High Point; sisters, Cecele F. Summey of Pickens, SC, Mary F. Garrett of Beaufort, SC; grandchildren, Danny Doutt of Wake Forest, Linda Wood of Chesapeake, VA, and Sandy Ayers of Summerfield; and five great-grandchildren.

The family will receive friends from 7 - 9 pm Sunday, June 13, 1999 at Lambeth-Troxler Funeral Service, 300 W. Wendover Ave., and at 1008 Onslow Dr. at other times.

[From: Greensboro News & Record, Greensboro, NC, 14 June 1999. Ozella is in the line of Absalom, by the following lineage:

John Doutt and Elizabeth

Absalom Solomon Doutt and Elizabeth McFarland

Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler

John Clinton Doutt and Nellie Mae Gorton

Robert T. Doutt and Ozella Field]

Alfred G. Doutt

Alfred G. Doutt, 94, Watson St., Vandergrift, died Saturday, April 8, 2000 in Citizens General Hospital, New Kensington, where he was a patient for two days.

Born Dec. 12, 1905, in Vandergrift, he lived there all of his life. He was a self-employed taxidermist and gun-smith, and maintained a mail order business for many years. Previously, he worked at U. S. Steel in Vandergrift during World War II.

Mr. Doutt was a social member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Vandergrift and the AARP.

Survivors include a son, Thomas L. Doutt, Lihue, Hawaii; three grandchildren; a brother, Vernon Doutt, Hudson, Fla.; and two sisters, Helen Doutt, Greensburg, and Elsie Townsend, Brunswick, Ohio.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Ardith Hildebrand Doutt; a daughter, Betty Fay Stanisz; his parents, William and Elizabeth Fluman Doutt; four brothers, Harold, Floyd and Ralph Doutt and an infant; and three sisters, Mabel Devore, Frieda Reefer and Olive Shriver.

Graveside services were Tuesday in Vandergrift Cemetery. The Rev. John Ludwig officiated. Arrangements were by the Curran-Shaffer Funeral Home Inc., 100 Owens View Dr., Apollo.

[From: Vandergrift News, Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. Alfred "Al" Doutt is in the line of Absalom. Thanks to Darlene Leda for sending the obituary. He descends from John Doutt by the following lineage:

John Doutt and Elizabeth

Absalom Solomon Doutt and Elizabeth McFarland

Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler

William E. Doutt and Elizabeth Fluman

Alfred G. Doutt]

Elinor Drake

GLENVILLE - Elinor Drake, 74, of Glenville died March 9, 2000, in United Hospital Center, Clarksburg, after a short illness.

She was a former employee of Acme Grocery, Akron, Ohio, with 20 years' service, and of West Virginia University Extension Office, Glenville. She was a member of the Gilmer County Senior Citizens Center's board of directors.

Surviving: son, Clyde Doutt of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; daughters, Phyllis Wolfe of Akron, Deborah Kelley of Virginia; four grandchildren.

Graveside service will be 11 a.m. Saturday at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Weston, with Pastor James Huff officiating. Friends may call from 10 to 10:45 a.m. Saturday at Boyle Funeral Home, Weston.

Doutt Dialogues Index

Doutt Dialogues Table of Contents


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Jack L. Doutt

Mr. Doutt, 68, died March 8, 2000, at his home in Colorado Springs. He worked at Crissey Fowler Lumber and served in the Air Force for 10 years.

Mr. Doutt was born Nov. 22, 1931, in Akron, Ohio. He was married Sept. 5, 1969, to Virginia Benskin.

He is survived by his wife; six children; 11 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his father, Amos Doutt.

Services will be at 11 a.m. today at Memorial Gardens Chapel, 3825 Airport Road.

Colorado Springs Mortuary and Cremation Services, 3475 Astrozon Court, 392-4144, is handling arrangements.


[See the bottom of page 9 for the lineages of Elinor Drake and Jack L. Doutt]

Page 16